Change your life !

Life is unpredictable, sometimes in accordance with the master plan that we’ve made in such a way, but sometimes deviated slightly from what was expected, even often was incompatible with what was envisioned, planned, we’ve never imagined  at all .. but that’s what happened. The wise man said, we only make plan, it was God who determines. That’s absolutely correct! All just a plan, plan, and plan. The rest of it God who takes over.

Instead we just stopped it after knowing such a quotes, we can not only sit and do nothing, waiting for a miracle, or wait for divine intervention in our lives. Sometimes, we think it’s useless or just wasting our time because we do everything as we can in our way to reach the goal, yet God had written a complete story line of the start we were born until we close our eyes forever even to return to Him. We must continue to try as much as power and energy that we have to gain what we want. “There is no harm in trying and trying” I often heard that, but I do agree, because by trying we make our lives more meaningful. We learn to appreciate what God has given to us, life. After we’ve done what should do and the result isn’t in line with our expectations that is God’s business. May be God changes our destiny, who knows, after knowing the effort that we’ve done, or perhaps another god willing, He assess our efforts and gives appreciation for our efforts with a better things or perhaps gives the best for us. We don’t know yet, but God is omniscient. Kun fayakun.

Do what you can, with what you have, where ever you are.


One thought on “Change your life !

  1. nice… but sometimes we also have to change and it depends on the circumstances.. great post!

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