American Slang


American slang is different from British slang because of the evolution of American English …

When the pioneers living in the new world had children, they taught their children to pronounce words the way they were written, in order to keep things simple. This was the first break from British English.

As the nation grew, so did its own casual variety of the English language, which was influenced by cowboys, sports, the building of the railroad, the card game of poker, African-American culture, immigrants, natives, etc.

Popular words

AKA Featured Word


an alias.


acronym of “Also Known As.”

yeah right Featured Word


an expression of doubt or disbelief.

freak Featured Word


very; really; extremely.

e.g : That is freak expensive.


a person who is strange or different. A term of derision, typically used to dismiss someone outside of one’s social clique. Also used as a playful tease.

e.g. He is such a freak!

a person who is sexually adventurous. Can be either complementary or derogatory, depending on context.

e.g. She’s a freak, man. She had sex with the whole football team.

a person with odd sexual proclivities.

e.g. That boy is a freak.

a person who is intensely interested in a subject or thing.

e.g. She’s a total math freak.

verb – ambitransitive

to dance in a provocative or sexual manner. Usually involves gyrating bodies against each other. Also get (one’s) freak on.

I was freaking this guy at the dance last night.

verb – intransitive

to react with extreme or irrational distress or composure. See also freak out.

She freaked when she found out.


Also used as a replacement word for fuck.

cool Featured Word


  • very good, excellent.

That’s a cool car.

  • nonchalant.

Why are you acting so cool?

  • fashionable.

That’s a cool purse.

  • used to emphasize a large amount of money.

He’s worth a cool million.

  • friends, or at least without animosity.

Sam: I’m an asshat.

Sock: Yes, you are.

Sam: So, we’re cool?

Sock: Yeah.

  • with debts settled.

Are we cool?


  • “okay”, “that’s acceptable”, etc.

Person A: Want to go to the movies?

Person B: Cool.

verb – intransitive

  • to relax; CHILL.

We’re just coolin’.


  • Also spelled “kewl.”

gonna Featured Word


contraction for “going to.”

e.g. We’re gonna leave.

86 Featured Word

  • Cut off from the person making the comment. No longer connected.

    He’s gonna be 86 if he dosn’t call me back!

  • To get rid off, dispose, throw away. in short — to make ….. no more.

    your girl dumped you yesterday? Yeah I got 86’ed.

  • a term used in resturants when they are out of something or they get rid of something.
  • to eject from a venue.

    I was 86ed from the bar last night.


to get rid of something

e.g She was cheating on me, so I had to “86” her

I need to 86 my job.

gonna Featured Word


contraction for “going to.”

e.g. We’re gonna leave.

ASAP Featured Word

acronym for “as soon as possible”.

e.g. I need you to come to work ASAP.

buddy fucker

A so called friend that’s fucking one of your ex-girlfriends or girlfriend without your expressed consent or permission

LOL Featured Word


acronym of “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud.” Used frequently in online chatting.

LOL, are you serious?


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